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Online Crafter-noon

It's 2021 so a Happy New Year to all, So what will I be doing this new year ??

Well I usually teach a variety of design and craft based workshops and over the years have been lucky enough to deliver many Craft Sundays at Dundee Contemporary Arts. This year as we all know has been a very different 12 months and we have been doing are very best to adapt so this February I will be delivering my first online craft workshop on the 21st February Via Zoom.

In this workshop the idea is simple you book your place and the DCA they will send out a kit of all the materials you will need to complete your craft piece which in this case is a bespoke needle felted bead necklace.

This workshop is a great introduction to needle felting, a craft I have enjoyed for over a decade. The workshop lasts 3 hours which gives everyone plenty time to make and a chance for me to answer as many of your queries about this fun medium. For more details please click the link

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